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Are you a high school swimmer that wants to continue to compete and improve your best times at the next level? If yes, you have come to the right place. Here you will find everything you need to know about how to get recruited for college swimming and what college swimming coaches are looking for when recruiting potential swimming student athletes. The most important thing you need to do is create an online swimming recruiting profile where you can have college swimming coaches see your PR’s, best performances and grades. Because swimming results are based on times, it’s easier for coaches to recruit 100’s of athletes online and view their times, rather than see just a few swimmers compete live. You must have an online swimming recruiting profile if you’re serious about swimming at the college level.


Now that you know you want to be recruited and swim in college you should discover what competition level is best for you. It’s very easy to go to the swimming pages of colleges that you’re interested in and look up meet performances and best times. This way you can gauge what level of competition suits you based on your own best times. If you’re looking for a swimming scholarship, aim for schools where you will be one of the better swimmers.


  • NCAA Division 1 – 135 swimming programs – 9.9 scholarships available
  • NCAA Division 2 – 72 swimming programs – 8.1 scholarship available
  • NCAA Division 3 – 223 swimming programs – zero scholarships available
  • NAIA – 22 swimming programs – 8.0 scholarship available
  • NJCAA – 14 swimming programs – 15.0 scholarship limit


  • NCAA Division 1 – 196 swimming programs – 14.0 scholarship limit
  • NCAA Division 2 – 94 swimming programs – 8.1 scholarship limit
  • NCAA Division 3 – 255 swimming programs – zero scholarships available
  • NAIA – 26 swimming programs – 8.0 scholarship limit
  • NJCAA – 14 swimming programs – 15.0 scholarship limit

For a more detailed swimming scholarship breakdown go to: http://scholarshipstats.com/swimming.htm

College coaches take into account many factors before offering athletes a scholarship. Your best times are very important, but so are your grades, room for improvement, maturity etc. Swimming coaches want to recruit athletes who add value to their team and also those who will always remain academically eligible to compete. Train hard, race hard and get good grades!

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